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We love musical instruments and we love finding new homes for them, whether they’re everyday pieces or prized treasures.
Because every guitar has a story to tell, and deserves a rightful spot in anyone’s collection.

Preloved? Perfect.

We offer five star musical instruments serviced to the highest quality.


We take great pride in being open, honest and transparent. Our customers can be sure that when they purchase from Well Played Gear, they’re getting value and quality from the musical instrument they choose, every single time.


We have a solid network; we know where to look and we are willing to go the extra mile to source for the perfect instrument. If someone has a vintage piece in mind but can’t seem to find it, we are the ones who know where to start the search.


Every instrument has a story that’s waiting to be told, and we can tell you everything you need to know. Feel free to speak to us about any particular brand, make, or country of origin; we’re happy to share our expertise and knowledge.